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County cricket /Car/Van/Bike/Bumper/Window Vinyl Decal/Sticker.

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Available in any size, You can choose from a list we have available ready to post or we can custom design to suit.

Customisations we can apply to a design

  • Sticker measurements: 
  1.  Yorkshire 200mm x 190mm
  2. Surrey 200mm x 244mm
  3. Durham 200mm x 216mm
  4. Hampshire 190mm x 243mm
  5. Derbyshire  180mm x 223mm 
  6. Lancashire 200mm x 142mm
  7. Essex 180mm x 230mm
  8. Nottinghamshire 200mm x 92mm
  9. Somerset 200mm x 193mm
  10. Worcestershire 180mm x 229mm
  11. Leicester 200mm x 80mm

  • “Custom” please leave a message of what size, colour you want, and we will come back with a price.
  • Please leave a message if you would like it a certain colour over wise it will come as black as standard. 
  • If you require a custom size or a different cricket design then please contact us.


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